When it comes to weaning, some mums are focused on the goal of getting their baby eating the same food as the rest of the family as soon as possible. Often, in trying to reach this milestone, they rush through the weaning journey and their baby may miss key nutrients critical for their development.

Milupa has been trusted by parents for generations to offer expert advice and products tailored for tiny tummies that ensure babies thrive during this crucial stage. However, with often conflicting weaning advice being shared, many parents don't know that weaning is a journey that goes right up to one year.

Milupa’s challenge was twofold: firstly, the brand had to ensure that parents would hear and accept the brand’s messages about nutrition and development; secondly, it had to persuade parents to maintain ties with Milupa for as long as possible over the weaning process.

Milupa’s messaging had to recognise and reflect modern challenges while still reinforcing the brand’s standing as market-leading experts in baby and toddler nutrition.


Our programme combined education and entertainment to connect relevantly with mums and dads. Very quickly, we identified someone who could do this for us: Jennifer Zamparelli. Our target market knew Jennifer and especially appreciated her as someone who says it like it is. As a mum-of-two, Jennifer shared her experiences of getting it right and sometimes wrong in an instantly relatable and always entertaining way.

At the same time, we commissioned research to pinpoint exactly what today’s parents felt about the challenge of weaning. Our expert dietitian offered answers to their concerns and Jennifer relayed these across our earned, owned and social channels.

The campaign was timed to coincide with Jennifer’s return to 2FM after the birth of her second child. Her first media engagement since her maternity leave attracted the attention of national news outlets and Jennifer’s experiences as a working mother was of genuine interest to Milupa’s target market.


  • The earned campaign reached 8.7 M targets who were identified as resonating with mums and her family and friends.
  • The six-week campaign led to stories with the brand at its heart in high-profile titles including the RTE Guide, Irish Independent, Herald and Examiner and TV3’s ‘6 O’Clock Show’. Campaign stories also appeared on digital platforms such as mummypages.ie, magicmum.com and Herfamily.com, with Jennifer and the brand generating dedicated content for social.
  • 100% of placements included a minimum of two key messages that drove better understanding of the stages of the weaning process and awareness of Milupa as an expert resource for parents during the weaning process.
  • There was a 20% increase in traffic to Milupa’s social channels and website during the campaign.
  • Trade feedback reported increased demand and transactions for Milupa’s range of weaning foods.