We Are Family

Brady Family


Reigniting a local long-term sponsorship


Brady Family is an Irish success story, providing fine meats since 1978 and reinventing their category both home and abroad. Anchored in deep Kildare roots the business has sponsored Kildare GAA for more than a decade. How could we reignite the sponsorship without any major change or breaking news? We set out to create something that was exciting, relevant, and bigger than just a sponsorship renewal.


Our research indicated that demographic and societal shifts had made bringing people together more important than ever. We created the concept of We Are Family to connect Brady Family, Kildare GAA and the wider Kildare community. Through strong storytelling across digital, in-store, social and PR the campaign hero-ed the power of local community and the family bond deep in the DNA of the GAA. Our hero video featured four stars across the four GAA codes. These young people showcased their community connection and sporting skills within a dynamic short film, intercutting from one to another as they rush from homes to training encountering friends, Brady Family team and partners along the way. Seven different cuts of the storyline were distributed alongside tailored posts across social media. The four stars then featured as family and sporting role models in a media campaign, weaving Brady Family messages into media profiles and interviews about the future of communities and Gaelic sports.


Our initial videos reached more than 950,000 people via social media and, despite featuring lower profile players, earned media alone reached a potential audience of 7.2m, exceeding all KPIs. The campaign succeeded in positioning Brady Family as a force for social good and a strong and active member of the wider Kildare family. As a result, We Are Family has become a platform for future campaigns.


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