With the environmental impacts of our high-consumption lifestyle making headlines daily and a groundswell of interest in sustainability, bottled drinks brands are facing unprecedented challenges in public opinion and purchasing choices.

Deep RiverRock plastic water bottles have always been 100% recyclable.

Since June 2019, every bottle within their portfolio has also been made from 100% recycled plastics.

So instead of creating more plastic, they’re reusing what’s already there.

Despite being the first major water brand in Ireland to make this seismic shift, consumers didn't know. With every brand competing for the sustainability space, how could Deep RiverRock make people aware of this key move?


The Deep RiverRock logo has remained unchanged for 25 years…but if the bottles could be fully recycled for the environmentally conscious audience, couldn’t the logo be too?

We persuaded Deep RiverRock to recycle their logo, swapping their name out completely for the words ‘100% Recycled Bottle’.

Taking your name off your product is pretty brave– especially when your product is water. You risk losing to competitors in the instant recognition moment. But it’s an enormous statement about what you stand for.

This bold statement would earn media, grab consumer attention and demonstrate Deep RiverRock's long-term commitment to sustainability in an unmistakable way.

The strategy took the simplicity of the idea and applied it in a bold and ingenious takeover through a 360 campaign which included label redesign, TV, Outdoor, DOOH, print, and trade/wholesale ads, earned launch, social content, influencer placement and media partnerships. We wanted the consumer to double-take at every touch point.

We also persuaded two of Ireland’s leading online publications to recycle their own logos for 24 hours in celebration of Deep RiverRock's commitment. An innovative approach and a first in the Irish media landscape.


  • 22% increase in overall sales
  • 41% increased sales in the following key accounts: Spar
  • 20M earned reach (80% above target)
  • 828,985 influencer reach (23% above target)
  • Deep RiverRock is perceived as the most sustainably active water brand, 28 points ahead of the closet competitor
  • Perception of Deep RiverRock as a brand which takes active measures to reduce their environmental impact = up by 44% (as compared with the pre-campaign period)
  • 66% of people understand Deep RiverRock’s key differentiator regarding positive environmental action
  • More recycled bottles in the world
  • And less waste