Magnum has a simple approach to driving growth. They encourage people to buy more products more often - which requires constant new product development. Such innovation is the key to driving excitement and news around the brand. 

Magnum identified white chocolate as an emerging European chocolate trend and moved to capitalise on this. They decided to relaunch Magnum White Chocolate and launch a new flavour, Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies.  

Less than a quarter of all Magnum sales were of white chocolate, therefore they saw the perfect opportunity to reach existing white chocolate lovers, who do not currently buy Magnum, and convert them to Magnum White Chocolate lovers - a product that combines the sophistication of Magnum with a playful attitude that only the sweetness of white chocolate can bring. 

The communications objective put to Edelman sought to: 

  1. Drive awareness and quality perception of Magnum products, strengthening and reinforcing the overall Magnum brand equity. 
  2. Under the global creative platform #NeverStopPlaying, launch the new Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies and relaunch the existing Magnum White Chocolate.  

To drive relevancy with our audience, men and women aged 25 to 45 years old, we needed to localise the #NeverStopPlaying platform to the Irish audience. Thus, we uncovered the insight that Irish people of that demographic, are sometimes holding back from enjoying pleasure fully because of the fear of being judged. 

The fear of being judged or getting 'notions' about oneself is an innate trait in Irish people. With increased everyday pressures of modern life, people are so focused on self-preservation of their own image and not being judged by their peers for pursuing their pleasures. 

Through this understanding, the #NeverStopPlaying campaign aimed to combine the sweetness of Magnum White Chocolate with the pursuit of pleasure, to inspire a movement of playfulness and bring the audience on a summer journey of carefree expression facilitated by Magnum. 


We wanted to get Pleasure Seekers who love white chocolate, but don't yet consume Magnum to buy more Magnum White Chocolate products through bringing them on a summer long invitation to connect with their playful side to increase brand awareness and strengthen brand equity, ultimately increasing sales of Magnum products.

Through social listening we uncovered key pleasure levers that represented sophisticated and indulgent playfulness in Ireland and were relevant to the target audience - Lifestyle, Fashion & Performance - encouraging our Pleasure Seekers to enjoy uninhibited pleasure, no longer in fear of being judged. We would use these relevant and distinct levers to unlock moments of relevance for our target audience.

An ecosystem of carefully curated local Magnum ambassadors (Mbassadors), worked to drive a deeper understanding of #NeverStopPlaying and encourage audiences to join them on a summer of carefree expression through their own distinct pleasure levers - Lifestyle, Fashion and Performance.

Each ambassador created content that represented pure playfulness. We worked with Mbassadors to reach audiences through their most engaged platforms. From a YouTube Summer Style Series to a #NeverStopPlaying Series uncovering some of Ireland's hidden gems, we gave audiences every opportunity to connect to their playful side.

To launch with impact we designed the most indulgently playful launch event to kick off the summer in a way only Magnum could - The Magnum Playhouse White Party. We created a unique visual identify for The Magnum Playhouse which lived across every touch point, beginning with our all white event invites. The lock up featured at the event as the background to a live performance by one of our Mbassadors. With the show stopping Magnum Playhouse lock up in the background of the exclusive performance, it was further amplified to the audience though our media and influencer attendees social sharing.

The campaign was also supported by a targeted paid social campaign of playful and engaging content keeping Magnum top of mind.


Magnum grew their market share by 1.34%, creating additional brand fans and converting white chocolate lovers into Magnum White Chocolate lovers. Additionally, the Magnum volume market share grew at a particularly rapid pace increasing by 1.66% in the same measured period over 12 weeks of summer from June to the end of August.*

Edelman successfully localised the #NeverStopPlaying platform to the Irish market to launch the new product, Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies, and relaunch the existing product Magnum White Chocolate. 

  • Influencer Content: Set KPI: 44 | Actual: 124 | Target exceeded by 182%. Additional content shared by the influencers included reposts by the influencers from brand fans calling out how they had been ‘influenced’ to purchase Magnum. 

  • Event Attendance: Set KPI: 50 | Actual: 90 | Target exceeded by 80%. 

  • Social Conversation: Set KPI: 1.2M | Actual: 1.3M | Target exceeded by 8%. 

*Reference: AC Nielsen Total Market Scantrack 8th Sept 2019