Fanta wants to be as strongly associated with Halloween as Coca-Cola is with Christmas.  

For 2019, Fanta was aiming to grow the category, increasing market share by demonstrating brand relevance in building and maintaining a connection with 16 – 24-year olds during a key seasonal moment. 

They were about to introduce their new limited-edition Dark Orange drink to the market and were also announcing their sponsorship of Halloween FM – Ireland’s first Halloween radio station. 

Fanta engaged us to create a Halloween influencer and earned media announcement to launch their new drink Dark Orange, highlight Fanta’s title sponsorship of Halloween FM and resonate with young audiences, building out the brand’s connection with the holiday.  

In order to own the Halloween moment, Fanta needed to create authentic, fun and immersive experiences. Not only does Fanta’s target audience, Gen Z, crave authenticity, but they value uniqueness, and are much more likely to embrace individual differences than previous generations. They love sharing content that they connect with.  

This Halloween, Fanta created fun enchanting experiences alongside unique & captivating content, to infiltrate our audiences lives through influencer content and one of a kind Halloween experiences.  


To engage a new cohort of Fanta drinkers we introduced them to the category through an integrated strategy that included clever influencer partnerships, a tight media strategy, an experiential launch event and, in turn, Fanta.  

We immersed our target demographic in unique content and authentic experiences allowing them to connect to the brand – through Halloween. Our partnerships and event encouraged a positive association between Halloween and Fanta among our target audience.  

A group of influencers created a diverse mix of content styles; a frightening make up look replicating the NPD branding, a mysterious magic trick video turning Fanta Orange into Dark Orange, a hilarious Halloween skit and an inspiring costume idea.  

The first Fanta launch event included our Fanta magician influencer, a Halloween FM DJ playing live for the first time and an intriguing fortune teller ensuring social sharing throughout the evening. 

We worked with Halloween FM to launch with a bang - managing all press communications, ensuring Fanta’s key messages were included and always clear. 


Total Fanta Value Sales: 

  • +8.4% vs. Past Year 

Total Fanta Volume: 

  • +2.3% vs. Past Year 

Fanta Overall Campaign Reach: 

  • 22.3M 

Earned Media Pieces: 

  • 21 Vs KPI: 8 

  • 20m+ Reach Vs KPI: 4m 

Total Influencer Impressions: 

  • 2.29M Vs KPI: 1.25M