Better Bread, That’s a Promise

Promise Gluten Free

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Our advertising campaign for Promise Gluten Free, a small bakery from Ardara, Co. Donegal, helped redefine gluten-free bread as a mainstream choice by showcasing its superior taste and health benefits, driving exceptional growth, and transforming the brand into a market leader in Ireland.

The Challenge

Promise Gluten Free faced a challenging landscape. The gluten-free bread category was small (€31M), niche, and growth had stagnated. With only 21% brand awareness and declining market share, they were under pressure from large established competitors

Their goal was ambitious: to transform the perception of gluten-free bread from niche to mainstream, drive significant brand growth, and rejuvenate the category. They tasked us with developing an advertising campaign that would reposition Promise Gluten Free as a superior, mainstream choice. Specifically, they needed us to increase brand awareness, attract new consumers, and highlight the health benefits and superior taste of their products. 

The challenge was clear: overcome low consumer awareness and misconceptions and make Promise Gluten Free the go-to brand for better bread. Our strategy focused on leveraging authentic consumer testimonials and a compelling value proposition to achieve these goals.

The Strategy

Our strategy focused on repositioning Promise Gluten Free to appeal to a broader audience beyond coeliac and gluten-intolerant consumers. We targeted mainstream bread buyers, specifically the 43% of considerers and choicers interested in gluten-free products for health benefits like increased energy and reduced bloating. 

To deliver on this objective, we developed the "Better Bread, That’s a Promise" campaign, leveraging authentic consumer testimonials across radio, social media, and digital platforms. 

We collaborated with influencers to validate the product’s benefits and create relatable, trustworthy content. Our strategic planning ensured the campaign was relevant and engaging, addressing consumer pain points, and highlighting Promise Gluten Free’s superior taste and nutritional value. 

This comprehensive approach not only increased brand awareness and market share but also redefined gluten-free bread as a mainstream choice, fulfilling both the client’s and consumers’ needs.

The Outcome

Reach and Engagement: 

Campaign reach exceeded expectations, engaging a broad audience across multiple platforms. Significant increase in social media engagement with a high volume of shares and positive comments. 

Sales and Market Share: 

Increased market share by 9 points, further cementing Promise Gluten Free as the no.1 brand, 3.5X larger than the no.2 branded player. 

Consumer Behaviour: 

Increase in category purchase frequency from 16 to 22 trips per year. High repurchases intention and consumption frequency among target audience becoming the only brand in the category to appeal to a mainstream audience. 

Viewed as the best value for money in the market while remaining most premium priced. 

Category Impact: 

Category value growth of 16% and volume growth of 5%. Enhanced consumption experience with superior taste and texture, leading to the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the category. 

Retail Performance: 

Significant improvement in footfall and product placement effectiveness. Trial packs effectively drove trial and subsequent trade-up to larger loaves. 

Overall, the campaign delivered outstanding results, surpassing all business targets, and significantly boosting brand sentiment and loyalty.


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