The melding of telecom, IT and the Web into a single ecosystem is emerging as one of the most significant changes and challenges facing the telecommunications industry today. This change is becoming even more apparent with the continued rollout of 4G networks around the globe — a rollout that is being fuelled by the creation of faster infrastructure and networks, along with ever-faster and smaller components that are turning mobile phones into smartphones, tablets, superphones and ultrabooks.

In the midst of this change, global telecom vendors across the ecosystem are facing entirely new trust and communications challenges in areas such as consumer privacy, sustainability, regulation and emerging markets. As a result, effective and successful communications increasingly hinge upon cross-discipline, multi-stakeholder campaigns.

Edelman’s telecommunications practice understands how to navigate this dynamic, ever-changing ecosystem because we’ve been on the frontlines of the evolution for decades. From launching handsets for tier one mobile device manufacturers and raising the brand awareness and credibility of tier one service providers, to orchestrating fan events in order to drive share of voice and purchase intent — we’ve represented many of the telecom industry’s leaders. Moreover, we have been participants in this change and understand its implications for effectively communicating and positioning in this space.