We believe in the value of holistic measurement, not only demonstrating how we shift media and social conversations, but also leveraging primary research, advanced analytics, and data modelling to map the way to continuous improvement and optimisation. Beyond stories and impressions, we measure the true business impact and value we generate for our clients.

Our research and analytics consultancy, Edelman Intelligence, is comprised of 250 analysts, consultants, data scientists and storytellers with deep expertise in developing measurement frameworks that ensure the right measures are in place to fully understand the impact our communications efforts carry on key audiences, the brand, and the business.

Our approach to measurement is a 3-tier process that focuses on defining business objectives, mapping objectives and efforts to metrics that can be tracked, and then determining the attitudinal or behavioural impact of our efforts.

Every company, brand, and organisation has a specific set of goals, a unique competitive environment, and allocates different resources to drive their objectives. However, we believe that measuring progress, value, and business impact demands some element of organisation that transcends the diversity of situations.

This unique combination of research, measurement and analytics expertise enables us to design more accurate, insightful, actionable, and continuous measurement frameworks that truly demonstrate the impact and value a communications campaign delivers.