We are on the front lines of navigating today’s most pressing issues – the obesity epidemic, nutrition labelling, marketing to children, animal health, food safety, nutrition policy, food insecurity and the evolution of modern-day farming, fisheries and food processing. Our work spans the food spectrum, and everything we do is informed by the insights gleaned through our proprietary intellectual property – the Edelman Trust Barometer.

Food holds a complex place in our lives. It’s fuel, nourishment, connection with others and a badge that says something about who we are, where we came from and what we believe. It’s emotional and rational, personal and public.

From seeds to harvesting, distribution centres to grocery stores and dinner tables, food is a daily decision central to our traditions, cultures and personal beliefs and politics. At the same time, never before have we seen such variety and options available to us and our food and beverage clients are representative of the diversity found within the food and beverage supply chain.

Our global marketplace means flavors and trends travel quickly across cultures and geographies. But so do issues and threats. Public health, the environment, economics and business overlap and intersect with issues, policy and marketing to shape our view and relationship with food and beverage. Helping our clients navigate the complexities of the food landscape and engage in meaningful ways that resonate with multiple stakeholders is what we do every day.