Corporate leaders are grappling with an increasingly complex, uncertain, and fast-changing business reality. With companies under greater pressure than ever before, many leaders are turning to Transformation as a way to unlock value or manage disruption.

Edelman’s considerable experience leading transformation assignments has informed our Business Transformation offering and approach. We focus on enabling change for our clients by shifting stakeholder behaviours that drive business outcomes – improved valuation, better performance and greater loyalty – which are all central to an effective transformation. Our method is geared toward helping companies navigate a range of scenarios, including:

  • Portfolio Expansion and Realignment – Realising and driving value through material changes including divestitures and merger integrations
  • Turnarounds and Recovery – Regaining market leadership in the face of crisis or material breaches of trust
  • Business Repositioning – Seizing new opportunities or combating disruption through proactive shifts in business models

We help our clients achieve their increasingly complex business goals and create new opportunities to provide value and measurable impact through our Transformation approach, which incorporates many of Edelman’s core strengths in addition to the following specialties:

  • Reputation risk management and recovery
  • Branding and repositioning
  • Culture, purpose and employee experience
  • Transformation experience design
  • Organisational architecture and behavioural economics
  • Leadership transitions and positioning