Captivating stories drive traffic to brand channels. They generate leads and drive sales. Sharing stories in ways people want to hear, read, or experience them is a unique skill. That’s why Edelman pairs journalists from top tier digital, social, print and broadcast news outlets with earned and paid media, analytics, and creative experts in our Collaborative Journalism team.

Our team of storytellers are versed in the kind of people-centred stories that drive attention during one-off events, news moments, product launches or company milestones. Our editors and reporters channel the curiosities of targeted audiences to unearth answers and untold stories from within companies and organisations. They have proven abilities to find and create stories that drive interest and conversation on the platforms where people spend most of their time.

More than the latest twist on digital or content marketing, our Collaborative Journalism approach re-imagines the purpose of earned media at a time of sweeping change in communications. It helps our clients get more out of the work they’re doing, the products they’re making, or the events they’re hosting, and it brings their purpose to life in a way that can’t be ignored.